We are the premiere option in the Newton area for all of your pet waste removal needs!

Do you love your dog, but hate what he leaves behind?

Are you ready to start enjoying your back yard again?

Why have waste removed from your yard?

  1. DISEASE CONTROL: There are several diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, cats, and people through animal waste. These diseases include; Roundworms, Hookworms, Salmonella, and E. coli.
  2. PEST CONTROL:  Flies in particular will consume and lay eggs in pet feces. They will then enter your house and land on your counters spreading diseases they’ve collected from your own yard.
  3. RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP: While you might not believe YOUR precious fur baby would partake in such an unsavory practice, it is true that dogs do consume feces at some point in their lives. Why leave the yard full of dangerous temptations to them?
  4. MAKE YOUR YARD GREAT AGAIN!: You’ve worked hard to own the home you have. You deserve to play with the kids in the yard, have a family BBQ, or just sit and relax on your own property without the fear of you or someone you love stepping in a beloved pet’s landmine.